Playful Tantra – Tantric Love Play


What is Tantra?

Tantra is about being consciously present here and now, to experience life with more intensity, being more alive, letting each encounter with everything and everyone in your world to be more powerful, more filled with Love, Life and Expansion.

Tantra is not about becoming a better person. Tantra is about realizing what a vibrant and wonderful being you already are, by integrating sexual energy with your whole existance. Tantra can give you an opportunity to really get that understanding, that the path, the journey itself, truly is the goal.


TANTRALILA is sanskrit, and means Playful Tantra, or Tantric Play. TANTRALILA is my own concept, a modern application of Tantra, with its roots in ancient, traditional Tantra, but with an upgraded, unique application, in order for people of today to tap into the timeless essence of Tantra.

The key is LILA – Play – the universal language of ecstatic consciousness and devotion, the most efficient path to deep truth and intense intimacy.

Do you want a new understanding of Tantra?
Do you want to connect with your inner power?
Do you want to know the spiritual essence of your own sexuality?
Do you want to meet yourself and others in total presence?

Do you want to be clear about your boundries?
Do you want to be able to say YES and NO, with clarity and integrity?
Do you want to find out what really turns you on?
Do you want to be free from shame?

Do you want to know how to have a breath orgasm?
Do you want to find out more about BDSM and erotic play?
Do you want to embrace your sexuality as a source of power and pleasure?

Do you want to be able to LOVE – yourself and others – to the fullest extent?
Do you want to have a lot of FUN while exploring all of this?

If you do – this is a workshop for you.

Free to Love